Manufacturers from Belarus

Machine-building industry and mechanical engineering:

BelAZ is the major global manufacturer of mining dump trucks and transport equipment for mining and construction
MAZ is an automotive company specializing in the production of heavy vehicles, as well as buses, trolleybus and trailers
MTW is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery not only in CIS countries, but also worldwide
Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant is specializing in the production of road and off-road heavy-duty vehicles, trailers, special wheeled chassis for the installation of equipment for enterprises of construction, oil and gas and machine-building complexes
AMKODOR is one of the largest in the CIS manufacturer of road construction, municipal, snow removal, airfield, special, forestry, agricultural machinery and equipment
GOMSELMASH is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery ranking among the world market leaders of combine harvesters and other complexes of agricultural machines
BELAGROMASH – agricultural machinery and equipment
BOBRUISKAGROMASH is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment in Europe
BELKOMMUNMASH is the leading Belarusian manufacturer of modern urban electric transport – trams, trolleybuses and electrobuses

BELGEE – Belarusian-Chinese joint venture for the assembly of Chinese passenger cars «Geely»

Petrochemical industry:

Plant «POLYMIR» OJSC «NAFTAN» produces a wide range of chemical products: High Pressure Polyethylene, Acrylic, Organic Synthesis Products, Hydrocarbon Fractions, Low-Tonnage Chemistry, Consumer Goods. The basis of the technology of the POLYMIR PLANT is the pyrolysis of hydrocarbon raw materials – gasoline and light hydrocarbon fractions of oil and gas processing plants

BELSHINA JSC is a manufacturer of automobile tires. It produces more than 300 standard sizes of tires for cars, trucks, heavy trucks, road-building and lifting-transport vehicles, electric vehicles, buses, tractors and agricultural machines

GRODNO AZOT (Belarusian GRODNA AZOT) is a manufacturer of nitrogen compounds and fertilizers

Branch «PLANT KHIMVOLOKNO» OJSC «GRODNO AZOT» is a large manufacturer of polyamide and polyester threads and fibers, as well as polyamide-6 (PA-6) and composite materials based on it, including: light heat stabilized polyamide yarns, including dyed in bulk, twisted polyamide yarns; polyester thread HMLS; twisted polyester yarns; cord fabric for the tire industry, harsh and impregnated, including polyamide, anide and polyester yarns; yarns polyamide textured BCF; incl. twisted heat-set BCF Heat-Set; technical fabrics; PA-6 granular; polymeric composite materials based on PA-6

LAKOKRASKA JSC is one of the largest enterprises in the Republic of Belarus in the field of production of paints and varnishes for various purposes

POLOTSK-STEKLOVOLOKNO OJSC is one of the leading manufacturers of fiberglass and products based on it in the world

SVETLOGORSKKHIMVOLOKNO OJSC structurally consists of three divisions: a man-made fiber plant, a polyester textile yarn plant, and production of consumer goods. The option of producing viscose fiber from bleached sulphate cellulose

GOMEL CHEMICAL PLANT OJSC is one of the leading enterprises of the petrochemical industry in Belarus and the largest producer of phosphorus-containing mineral fertilizers in the country, the plant specializes in the production of complex phosphorus-containing fertilizers, as well as inorganic synthesis products

MOGILEVKHIMVOLOKNO JSC is the only large producer of dimethyl terephthalate, PET polyester granules, including food grade, polyester fibers and threads in the Republic of Belarus and the main supplier of raw materials for light industry

NAFTAN OJSC is a large oil refining and petrochemical complex that produces various types of fuel, lubricating oils and bitumen, aromatic hydrocarbons and petrochemical products

Woodworking industry

BORISOVSKI DOK JSC is one of the leading manufacturers of thin fibreboard (MDF), sawn timber, profiled details (floor board, lining, block-house, imitation of beam), moldings (plinth, platband, angles).  BORISOVSKI DOK started to produce glued beam and houses made of glued beam, garden houses and fuel pellets

VITEBSKDREV OJSC performs logging. Produces industrial wood. Manufactures: fibre boards, synthetic resins, door units, window units, floor boards, baseboards, architrave, facing material, hand-rails, window-pane boards, sawn timber, euro pallets

FANDOK OJSC performs logging. Sells industrial wood, firewood, technological chips for hydrolysis and production of wood chipboards. Manufactures glued plywood, furniture boards, window and door units, sections, furniture for kitchen, cabinet furniture, rack and children furniture. Massive of oak, pine and modern finishing materials are widely applied in furniture manufacture
PINSKDREV OJSC manufactures any type of domestic furniture and a great variety of furniture for public spaces, veneer, ply curve products, matches, chip wood boards, including backed, laminated, construction and furniture molds, crossband veneer, sawn wood. The assortment of upholstered and cabinet furniture exceeds 1,5 thousand items. All products comply with international requirements
GOMELDREV OJSC is one of the biggest and most famous companies of the Republic of Belarus producing furniture from precious wood varieties, plywood, matches, garnish moulding. The main activity of the company is production of cabinet furniture for amenity rooms, office rooms, and different social objects. There are more than three hundred item types which cater for all customer tastes. Technology of garnish moulding is unique in its nature. Garnish moulding product range includes almost 270 profiles and types of finish. Products are also made to order, includ- ing from project stage to turnkey furnished rooms
ZOV-LENEVROMEBEL JLLC is one of the few big enterprises, which produces furniture by individual orders. The range produced is furniture from cheap materials, including fronts from chipboard, SOFT, coloured, and exclusive goods from natural solid wood of cherry, oak and pine

PLANT OF NEWS PAPER ASNOVA is one of the biggest and most famous manufacturer of newspaper with the capacity, including standard newspaper and slight coated paper

PAPER FACTORY «SPARTAK» OJSC. At present the factory possesses three paper-making machines which produce carton, wrapping and packing paper as well as paper used for manufacture of wallpaper and corrugated articles.
Branch «GOMELOBOI» of OJSC «CBK-KONSALT» part of the holding BELORUSSKIE OBOI. Applying new technologies, the enterprise produces the following types of wallpapers: knurled, waterproof, duplex, foam wallpapers (with application of acrylic foam and spangles), wall covers on the base of bonded fabric, vinyl wall coverings
Woodworking production RUE «NEWSPRINT PLANT» The «DOMOSTROENIE» branch includes 4 workshops: sawmill, planed products, laminated veneer lumber, wooden house-building. The «DOMOSTROENIE» branch carries out design, production and construction of wooden houses, both according to standard and individual projects. Products: wooden houses, including laminated veneer lumber and frame-panel houses, molded products (floor board, lining, block house, imitation of timber), lumber, glued laminated timber up to 18 m

Food Industry and Manufacturing

KOMMUNARKA Factory is one of the largest manufacturers of confectionery in the Republic of Belarus. Annually, the company produces over 27 thousand tons of sweet products. A wide range of factories includes more than 350 items of confectionery.

SPARTAK Confectionery Factory is the largest manufacturer of confectionery products in Belarus. The factory produces about 350 types of confectionery products, including products of therapeutic and preventive action. The main types of products produced by the factory are: caramel, sweets, chocolate and chocolate products, cookies, waffle products, cakes and pastries. At the factory today there are 4 main workshops: biscuit, caramel, waffle, candy and chocolate, where the above types of products are produced in a wide range.
KRASNY PISCHEVIK OJSC is the oldest enterprise of confectionery industry of the Republic of Belarus. Its history begins in 1870. It specializes in production of zefir, marmalade, halva, toffi, dragee, sweets with jelly and whisked bodies. The assortment list is designed for great masses of population and includes over 140 species. Production capacities of the enterprise allow producing more than 21 thousand tons of confectionery products annually.

Brest Distillery BELALСO – is one of the largest producers and suppliers of liqueurs and spirits in Europe. The company is engaged in the production of vodka, infusions (nastoika), liqueurs, cognac filling. BELALCO is proud of the fact that it has its own source of raw materials.

MINSK KRISTALL JSC is the largest producer of alcoholic beverages in the Republic of Belarus. The trademark KRISTALL is a classic, recognized not only in Belarus, but also far abroad. Balsam BELORUSSKY, nastoyka BELOVEZHSKAYA, classical vodkas PRESENT and BELAYA RUS LUX and special vodkas KRYSHTAL BELOVEZHSKAYA and KHLEBNOE VINO – this is the list of drinks, far from being complete, which were created as far back as in the last century, but are still popular, have genuine Belarusian color and are deservedly valued worldwide.

MEAT & DAIRY COMPANY JSC is created under the instruction of the Government of the Republic of Belarus to activate export capability of Belarusian manufacturers. The founders are the enterprises of meat and dairy branch.

KALINKOVICHI DAIRY PLANT is one of the largest and most well-known dairy producers in the Republic of Belarus. Today it is a modern enterprise with advanced equipment and skilled personnel, with its’ traditions and high quality production culture. The main activity of the plant is the purchase, processing of milk and production of dairy foods. The production facilities can handle up to 332 tons of milk per shift. In total the company produces more than 40 kinds of natural dairy products.

VOLKOVYSK MEAT-PROCESSING PLANT OJSC is one of the largest producers of meat and meat products in the Republic of Belarus. Nowadays VOLKOVYSK MEAT-PROCESSING PLANT produces meat and meat products, different types of sausages and smoked products, small-sized semi-finished products, meat-by-products, meat, meatballs, ravioli and dumplings. In total the company produces about 300 kinds of meat products. Beef, pork and offal up to 70% of total output. In view of the trade applications today now produce more than 15 tons of dumplings a day. Assortment list of semi-finished products has more than 100 items.
SAVUSHKIN PRODUCT JSC is the leader of dairy industry in the Republic of Belarus and one of the largest manufacturers of natural dairy products in the Eastern European region. The company not only holds top positions in the rating of the most efficiently operating enterprises of the food industry in the country, but also, is a favorite of the consumer preferences of Belarusians for more than 18 years. In addition, the products of SAVUSHKIN PRODUCT are gaining recognition at the international level in such prestigious competitions as the Superior Taste Award and Monde Selection, Belgium.

SANTA BREMOR produces more than 1,000,000 packages of finished fish products, ice cream and semi-finished products daily, which is more than 100,000 tons of products per year. Six modern factories located in Belarus and Russia release production. Each factory uses modern equipment from the world leading manufacturers and innovative technologies. The highest standards of production set by the company ensure impeccable quality and excellent taste of SANTA BREMOR products.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Holdings Company BELPHARMPROM includes 29 entities. They are 8 holding’s participants, 21 associated companies, of which: 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers and 1 manufacturer of medical products.

BELMEDPREPARATY is the largest pharmaceutical enterprise in the country. Since 1929 it has been producing medicines. Manufactured products belong to more than 20 pharmacological groups. The range of products is more than 350 items based on high technologies. BELMEDPREPARATY has a number of unique production sites and is the only Belarusian manufacturer of insulin medicines, drugs of endocrine and biotechnological origin, medicines for treating cancer and tuberculosis, narcotic and psychotropic drugs. Almost all types of dosage forms are available: tablets with different coatings and without them, hard and soft gelatin capsules, solutions for injections and infusions in vials and ampoules, lyophilized and sterilely packaged powders for injections and infusions, medicines for eyes (drops), ointments, creams and gels, powders in sachet packages.

BORISOV PLANT OF MEDICAL PREPARATIONS OJSC is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of medicines for wide spectrum of treatment. It is founded in 1965. The constant range of products includes more than 250 names of medicines of 12 pharmacological groups. And, regularly, every year at least 10 of the most popular medicines are added to the list of its products. More than 5 billion tablets, 300 million ampoules, 185 million capsules, 50 million vials of antibiotics in the form of sterile powders, 13 million tubes of ointments and gels, 10 million vials of tinctures and alcohol solutions annually produced by the plant, improve people’s health in many countries of the world. For 2018, the volume of industrial products in actual prices is evaluated to 136 million US dollars.

NESVIZH PLANT OF MEDICAL PREPARATIONS OJSC is the largest manufacturer of infusion medicines in the Republic of Belarus. It is founded in 1960. The assortment of products includes about 70 items. The status of one of the leading companies in the Belarusian pharmaceutical market obliges to strictly follow international standards and offer consumers effective medicines that passed through multi-level quality control.

EKZON OJSC is a pharmaceutical company that has been manufacturing medicines, biologically active supplements, food products since 1995. The number of medicines produced by the company is more than 70. The company manufactures products that meet all quality standards. The staff of the enterprise is interested in cooperation with domestic and foreign partners. The main task is to keep sound health of everybody and improve the quality of life with using natural, effective, high-quality and healthy medicines and biologically active supplements.

FEREIN OJSC is a pharmaceutical company that has been manufacturing medicines since 2008. The number of medicines produced by the company is 59. The main producing share is made up by injectable medicines produced on a full cycle. Concentrating on the development and production of modern high-quality medicines with improved characteristics that meet the requirements of effectiveness and safety, expanding the list and forms of products, FEREIN aims at achieving the strategic objective of providing consumers with high-quality and safe medicines at available prices.

MINSKINTERCAPS is a modern pharmaceutical manufacturing Company in a dynamic development. MINSKINTERCAPS launched the activities in 1995. All the drugs numbers some 60 positions relevant to different pharmacotherapeutical groups in compliance with European quality standards. These are mostly generics of import analogues thus consenting to make effective and safe treatment affordable to the majority of people. Product list includes vitamins, vitamin and mineral complexes, cardiovascular drugs, nootropic and antiallergic medicines, flu and acute viral respiratory drugs, gastrointestinal preparations, all based in standardized herbal raw materials.

FREBOR is a leading Belarusian manufacturer of safe disposable medical products. It is founded in 1992. The assortment includes about 220 products. The enterprise is constantly expanding the list of medical products and increasing production volumes. Existing in the market of medical products for more than 25 years, the enterprise has proved itself as a reliable developer and manufacturer of medical products.

BELASEPTIKA is the largest producer of professional antiseptics, disinfectants, detergents and cleaners for all branches of the food industry, public catering, trade, agriculture, health care, and organizations of the social and communal-household sphere in Republic of Belarus. BELASEPTIKA’s preparations provide the appropriate sanitary – hygienic mode in organizations of all types of management; the prevention development of steady microflora to disinfectants and antiseptics; the optimal quality of production for the optimal price; the possibility of application by technological methods of disinfection.

BELVITUNIFARM JSC is a high-tech enterprise of the biological industry that occupies one of the leading positions in the markets of the Republic of Belarus and the CIS countries. Produces more than 150 types of veterinary medicines: serums, viral and bacterial vaccines, medicines. Deliveries are carried out to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Turkey. The company's products comply with international standards.


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