On the assitance to the migrants on Belarus-Poland border


Real facts about migrants situation on the Belarusian border

Belarus has never been a source of instability. Belarus has been recently facing an increase in the migrants flow from conflict-affected countries through our territory to the countries of the European Union. This transit is not something new or unique. It took place earlier but through joint efforts Belarus and neighboring countries successfully ensured the observance of common interests in the field of regional and border security.

The situation changed after the EU had refused to engage in constructive cooperation with Belarus. The EU’s closing up of international technical assistance projects aimed at security on the border with Belarus has placed the existing Belarusian-European agreements on resolving border issues in jeopardy. Belarus was deprived of the necessary resources and opportunities to continue working to solve the common problems of illegal migration.

Since April 2021, Belarus has repeatedly appealed to the European Commission with a proposal to hold consultations on cooperation in the fight against illegal migration. Unfortunately, the EU has been refusing such a dialogue.

Belarus does not in any way facilitate illegal migration to EU countries and does not use its airspace for these purposes, as Western countries are constantly trying to present it.

Belarus is concerned about the tense situation on the border with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, which is aggravated by the West's constant demonstration of readiness to accept migrants, thereby encouraging potential asylum-seekers. However, these promises remain an idle PR campaign in reality.

Belarus has provided international organizations with access to migrants at the border from its territory and continues to cooperate with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organization for Migration and the Belarusian Red Cross Society.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi confirmed that Belarus has provided the access for humanitarian aid to migrants.

Considering the EU total inaction, taking into account the start of the cold season, the Head of State of the Republic of Belarus made a decision to take care of children and women through providing them with safe conditions in the territory of Belarus.

Belarus decided to provide the migrants with everything that could be needed to save their lives. Food packages were delivered to the migrant camp near the Polish border line, including bakery and sausage products, canned meat, water, sweets and fruits, as well as hygiene kits, warm clothes and blankets, firewood, electric generators. Belarusian doctors provide free medical care to the migrants both on the spot and in medical institutions. Measures are being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in places where migrants congregate.

Belarus is ready to cooperate with all the interested parties, including Western countries, putting aside political disputes in order to prevent the further migration crisis aggravation in our region, which could turn into a humanitarian catastrophe, and to save human lives.

On dispersal of migrants by military servants on the Belarusian-Polish border

On November 16, 2021, polish security service officers attempted to forcibly disperse a group of migrants who had accumulated on the Belarusian-Polish border.

During the dispersal all possible special means types were applied which harmed the migrants health and among them there were a lot children and women including pregnant ones. In particular, Polish security forces used water cannons, tear gas, stun grenades.

On the part of Poland, journalists, as well as doctors and public associations representatives have so far been denied the access to the territory bordering with Belarus.

The actions of the Polish military officers clearly violate a number of international and bilateral norms and agreements including those on cooperation in the border areas.

The Belarusian side initiated an investigation into the irresponsible provocation of the Polish authorities including through the involvement of international organizations.

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