Requirements to documents

When preparing documents for submission to the consular section of the Embassy applicants must adhere to the following requirements:

 — applications and forms must be completed in advance. Receiving consultations on filling applications and forms in is possible by phone +254 75 70 75 217 and by e-mail kenya.consul@mfa.gov.by;

 — the documents must be filled in the language in which the form is drawn up. If there is no information, you must indicate “no”;

 — visa support documents are accepted in hard copies only;

 — documents issued in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania must be legalized (procedures for legalization of documents issued in other states are subject to international agreements of the Republic of Belarus);

 — when providing a translation of a document, the translator's signature must be notarized;

 — seals, stamps and signatures in the copy of a document must be readable and correspond to the original document;

 — copies of document must fully show information contained on original documents (no displacement of information beyond the borders of a sheet is accepted);

 — when handling applications from several family members, the necessary copies must be provided separately with each application. When planning the date of visit to the Embassy, please arrange an appointment in advance.

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